Saturday, May 5, 2012

YAY! Finally!

Jus about every night for the past year M has leaked through her diaper at night even when I'd change her 2-3 times during the night...she is a super peer especially at night...I've tried everything I could think of to get her to not leak out...last night she didn't leak! YAY!
diaper setup from skin out: 1 layer of Crushed Panne, 2 layers of Zorb 2 (folded in half so 2 layers Crushed Panne 4 layers Zorb 2), then a "cover" of Minky inner and Cotton Fleece outer (it was meant to be a fitted but I forgot the lay of we'll jus call it a cover lol), then another cover of inner PUL and outer Poly knit with a Fleece Shorties...she went to bed at 8PM and woke at 6AM DRY! YAY!

Also, my Dishwasher soap I made up last night...WIN! boo-yah! the dishes came out cleaner then any store-brought soap I've used!
the Laundry soap - also a WIN! the diapers smell and look soo clean!

Now for today I need to get working on my Mom's party food (Homemade Pizza, Homemade Donuts, and "Coffee Mug Cake")

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