Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Robots and Oogas!

I got a couple covers sewn up for Baby D tonight...his sisters have waaay more covers then him (as they should since there's 2) BUT I had to make him some covers with the PUL I got as an FOM

the Robots is a Medium RB and the Oogas is a Large FC (made it a Large so it'll fit longer - and he can wear it at night!)
Mama Made! with Elephants on the Robots
Handmade tag on the Oogas! (it's got a Mushroom on it)
 the blue on top is the Robots - it's inner layer is Cotton Fleece
the black is the Oogas - it's inner layer Polyester Velour
 and the outer layers

Tomorrow I need to sew up some bigger covers for the girls to wear at night - can see them in the bottom picture actually - well the outer layers at least...right now though I need to get some sleep - assuming my jaw will quit throbbing (got a tooth pulled today...)

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