Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Playhouse is Completed!

The Horse...my helper...he held the top part of the frame up til it was secured
The Frame
With the "wall/roof panels" made of old sheets - only the back panel is tacked down 100%
The inspector - she said "thank you house Mommy" meaning - it's a success!

it's not perfect but who cares? I created it for my girls to play with and they love it! which is what my goal was therefore I say it's a complete success! completed it's 59"x29"x35"


  1. Awwwww how awesome!! A playhouse like this is on my list of things to when the house stuff isdone!

    How long did it take?

    1. from start to finish around 4hrs - most of the time spent trying to figure out the frame (the original frame didn't hold very well...) once I got that down it "flew" together quite fast - from experience- use 2x4s at the very least in size or it'll be "weak" like mine was and cave (that was before it was even brought into the house)
      the roof and wall "panels" I jus hemmed and used some material in an FOE fashion for the window/door frames...if I had a serger it'd've gone MUCH faster...but it still wasn't THAT bad considering...most of my time spent sewing was afk chasing little girls...I got the most done during naptime lol