Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Yesterday I spent the majority of the day going through Grandma's patterns...found many duplicates. The reason I was going through the patterns was to find patterns to make clothes for the girls. My Grandma didn't have many patterns for boys since she sewed clothes for my Mom, who was an only child.
But I found MANY patterns for the girls that I'm wanting to attempt to sew up. Still new to sewing more then diapers, so we'll see how it goes. Back when I started sewing diapers I wasn't that good either - so it can't be much worse sewing clothes, right?
Tonight I took some light weight flannel and sewed up a "night dress" for M to wear for bed - she loved it. After a nice, cleansing bath using Mommy's home-made soap; I put on a diaper - insert and all made by Mommy; then I put on a Katrina's Shorties, also made by Mommy - and I put the "Night dress" on her - she said "aww! Mommy make me comfies, I good for sleepy-time now" <3 It's so rewarding to make things and hear it be appreciated by the person you've made it for.
Now I need to sew up some more, and see about figuring out how to sew something for Baby D, so he too can be 100% clothed in Mommy-made clothes. <3

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