Saturday, May 19, 2012

My "Spring Cleaning" Day...

I started out at 7:30ish AM when the girls woke me up by jumping on up changed them, fed them, then the baby woke up...took care of his needs...then I started my task list for the day

Clean the girls' room - Sweep the floor, wipe down shelves/dresser, fresh sheets on both beds
Clean baby's room - Vacuum the floor, wipe down the dresser/changing table, fresh sheets/changing pad
Clean master bedroom - Sweep/mop the floor, wipe down dressers/shelves/nightstands, fresh sheets on the bed
Clean the bathroom - Scrub the toilet, wipe and straighten out the vanity, clean the skin/bathtub, sweep and mop the floor, change the litter box
Vacuum the hallway
Clean the kitchen - Sweep/vacuum the floor, move stuff to wipe down the counters, load and start the dishwasher with dishes, finish sorting out the cupboards
Clean the living room - Move the couch to clean under it, vacuum the floor, wipe down the fireplace, clean the TV screen, wipe down the end tables, sort out the movies
Clean the playroom - pickup toys, vacuum the floor, wipe down the TVs/shelves/end table
LAUNDRY! - Diapers including
Fold and put away the laundry
sew up 2 Boho Flutter Dresses
Make up Buttermilk and Goat's Milk Soap
Figure out where to plant the plants Mom got for me! (Bell Peppers, Tomatoes, more Kohlrabi, and FLOWERS! lots and lots of FLOWERS!)

everything crossed out is what I got done! busy day! BUT it ended with my KING size quilt in the washer...and it stopped working! GAH! *scream* so now - I get to handwash the diapers tonight...and work on finishing what I can of the list - will have to work on the plants tomorrow...

Aafter the washer quit working and I figured it must be the belt (due to smell) I left the room to finish supper and I hear:
M: MOMMY! the floor pee-peed my foot all wet! (she found a wet spot on the floor infront of the washer...made her sock wet...)
S: UH-OH floor need dry butt Mommy!
M: no floor no can have my dry butt it's MINE! MOMMY! my foot all wet make it have dry butt pweaaaseeeee!
me: *laugh* k M give me a min to grab you a pair of dry socks...
DH: what's so funny?
me: M said the floor pee-peed her foot...and S wants me to give the floor a dry butt but M doesn't want to give up her dry butt...
DH: oh? how's that funny?
me: nevermind
M: Daddy it's funny cuz S wants my dry butt to go to floor!
the whole time Baby D was "gabbering" away as though he was part of the convo too...what he said though nobody knows lol 

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