Thursday, May 24, 2012

Liquid Soap Test

My 100% Olive Oil (Castile) Peppermint Soaps are now done curing (they can cure longer and jus get better...but they can also now be used!)
my DH is refusing to use bar soap cuz "it jus doesn't make me clean enough" he since then I've been on the search to find a relatively easy way to make up some homemade liquid soap to get the commercial chemicals out of this house (seriously...have you actually tried to pronounce some of the ingredients in commercial soap? who even knows what half of it's for)
the test is this: I took 1 of the Peppermint Castile Soaps and grated it up using a cheese grater (that has become 1 of my many "soaping" tools), I added water to JUS cover the shavings...and left it's now all "melted" and ready to go - the feel of it is perfect as is but for this test I'm going to add in some water to the already gelled-soap jus to see...the results from this test will answer a question: will I need to MIX the soap/water EVERY TIME I want to use it? if no my test will be a success - if yes then I go back to searching! I'm NOT giving up til I have a WORKING liquid soap that I don't need to mix up every time I want to use the soap. I'll be posting my results in about a wk.

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