Thursday, May 3, 2012


I enjoy MANY different crafts instead of creating a blog for each I decided to jus putting them all here on The Whole Sh-bang.
Some of the crafts I do:
Crocheting: taught to me at age 7 by my Grandma; she was the dearest person to me in my childhood and each time I make something with Crocheting I think of her.
Sewing Diapers: with the birth of my 1st child (M - now 3yrs old) me and my husband decided to do cloth diapers...we spent out hundreds of dollars up front to save thousands later...with the birth of our second child (S- now 2yrs old) I decided I wanted to sew my own diapers!
Soap Making: inspired by my dear friends, the Divas, I decided to try making my own soap and loved it!
Boondoggling: taught myself how to do Boondoggling when I was bored once back in high school...
and my newest! Knitting! My Mom has been helping me learn how to knit.

Things I'd like to learn:
Clothes Sewing

so join me as I continue to do my current crafting loves...and as I learn more!

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