Sunday, May 6, 2012


I was attempting to sew up at least 3 prefolds tonight (1 new 1 per kid...) machine said NO! I was halfway done with the LAST prefold of the 3 and my belt broke! GAH! so I got 2 new prefolds...and need to go check out the place on Broadway see if they have a belt for my "oldie" machine (it's a 1985 Singer Merritt 27 yrs old hehe) hoping they do! if they don't I'll have to order it online which will be a wait on shipping thing...the new material will be here Mon-Tues and I'm hoping to have a belt so I can make up all the nice, fresh, new prefolds!
strange thing...that's the 2nd belt to have broken on me in about 2months...hmm...weak belt maybe? the last 1 was a LOT thicker then this 1 but they were the same maybe the last belt was stronger (the last broke after nearly a yr...and it had a crack in it that it got somehow in the move...the crack is what did it in but even with the crack it worked for a good 2months before it actually broke...)

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