Thursday, May 31, 2012

Been Awhile...

The past couple days I've been busy finishing planting the garden. Cleaning up the house. Sewing random dresses for the girls. haven't had much time to make a post.
The dresses I'll show later on.
Today Grandpa came to visit! The visit was cut short by his ending up not feeling too good. But it was still nice to see him. We checked out the garden and he said it's looking nice and he's proud of how I've taken such care to plant the vegetables so they'd grow nicely. He gave me some Strawberry plants! now to figure out where to plant we once tried to raise Strawberries on the farm - they were killed by an unexpected early frost. So now I'm hoping to be able to care for these 3 plants and get them to grow and produce Strawberries for my fruit-addicted little girls.
Cleaning of the house: I have the playroom left to get done then the whole house will be nicely cleaned! I don't do a complete clean too often as I try to not fret the small stuff and enjoy my kids being kids instead. But ever once in awhile you jus need to clean up the house and make everything nice and fresh smelling - that's what I've been doing.
Once I get the playroom done I'll be working on sorting out the rest of the material that Grandma had stored up (20 boxes total - I have 5 or so left to unpack)
I've also been debating what I want to get for making soaps. I'm wanting to make some Shampoo bars and some Shaving soap - so need to figure out what to get for those things. Plus I want to get some more material special for diapers (seems funny to say that when I was jus talking about how much material Grandma had lol but her is mostly knit prints and such for clothing - not diapers)
I promise to not let it be so long until the next post again - life has jus been busy the past wk or so.

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