Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lots of sewing!

I'll start with the diapers: I've gotten 3 done - 9 more have snaps applied - 2 more to put snaps on then I'll sew up the last 11...and figure out if I want to make more or not after I get all the ones currently cutout sewn up...
1st up: L FC Minky Owls - this diaper has a Minky outer and inner layer with a hidden layer of PUL - it's sooo soft!
2nd: L FC Owls - outer layer of PUL, inner layer of camo Fleece
3rd: L FC Froggy and Turtles - outer layer of PUL, inner layer of butterfly Fleece

Next I'll share the other sewing I've been working on:
This is a long sleeve tester - it's Thomas and friends made up for Baby D
I took the same pattern as above and added a skirt to make a Thomas dress for S - she loves it!
Tinkerbell for M
Minnie Mouse for S
Flowers for S
Ariel, The Little Mermaid for M
Disney Princesses for M
New paci clip for S - it has a Butterfly button at the bottom and a tag that says "made for a Princess" at the top - she loves it!
A train pillow for Baby D's 1st birthday! the different materials are different feels - the wheels are buttons. To complete it is a tag that says "Mama Made" I plan to make a taggie blanket to go with it when I can get the ribbon!

That completes all the sewing for now! I'll post more when I get the rest sewn up! ;)

Wow! I feel bad

It's been awhile since I've posted anything! I do have goo reason though.
Let me start at the beginning:
it was a Tues night and my Mom came up the steps "the sewer's backed up" so Wed we called in someone to fix it - he told us it was fixed. Thurs I was washing up the diapers and my Mom said "the basement's flooding!" the guy who had "fixed" the sewer the day before had pumped 90+gallons of water into the sewer to clean it...this was all coming back up! So we called in someone else...they got their equipment stuck! we were informed then that we had either a broken or a collapsed we called in the construction workers...they started digging the following Mon - they ended up finding NO pipe at all! :O where'd it go? only God knows that answer...
during the digging the basement wall MOVED! so the county came in and told us we had to get out with the kids or loose we packed up the van and headed for a friend of mine's house til we could figure something else out...she has 6 kids herself - so add in my 3 and we had 9 kids 4 adults in a 5bdrm house...we made do though...we couldn't go back to our house though..still can't actually and all this happened nearly a month and half ago after some talking and praying we decided we'll head for Oklahoma and my Daddy's for we switched the van seats around, strapped in the carseats...headed for our house, I ran in packed up things while DH stayed in the van with the kids since they couldn't enter the house...then I went out to the van and DH carried the stuff out while I loaded up the van...and off we went! we stopped at a hotel the 1st night, and arrived at my Daddy's house after midnight the 2nd night.
Since we've been here DH has been trying to get a job, I've been sewing up some diapers to replace some that are wearing out from 4yrs of usage (I think it has to do mainly with not being able to hang dry them at my friend's so I HAD to dry them in the dryer...) and helping my Daddy take care of Becca since she has something going on with her knees...overall we've been having a great time here. I'm enjoying seeing my Daddy get to enjoy his grandbabies he hadn't yet met til we came here, and me getting to see my Daddy again after nearly 7 yrs.
not sure when I'll be able to update again. but I'll do my best to NOT let it be so long this time lol. and I'll make a post of some of the latest things I've sewn...

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sewing Machine's Back up and running!

I got some more shirts for Baby D sewn up :D 
Another Zoo Animals print
This 1 is Rocking Horses - it's such a lightweight cotton that I made it into a tank top. This will come in handy in the 100+ degrees of the South...

There is 1 more that I had started to sew before my sewing machine quit working that I actually finished by hand - I'll get a picture of that one once it's washed up nice and clean again.

Current project: M's birthday dress! I'm trying to make it special and pretty for her 4th birthday - even taught myself how to shirr jus for the dress! It's almost complete but there's still a lot of work to go into it to make it extra special for my Big Girl! :D


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sewing machine down :(

Last night my sewing machine quit working halfway through sewing up another tshirt for Baby D. This morning I took a closer look (lack of light didn't allow a in-depth look last night) it appears something is up with the handwheel of the machine. The needle goes down but then seems to get "stuck" on something yet nothing's there to catch the needle - the hand wheel doesn't turn when I use the foot pedal and when I manually turn it the needle goes down then gets "stuck" I have to manually move the belt under the machine to get the needle to go back that leads me to think it's something going on with the hand wheel and the mechanics dealing with that. Tomorrow I'll make a call to the elderly couple that use to fix the same sewing machine when it belonged to my Grandma. Hope it can be fixed!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Been a Busy Mommy...

Between today and yesterday I've been 1 awfully busy Mommy. Other then the "normal Mommy stuff" like keeping the house clean, cooking the meals, keeping the kids clean, and clothes/diapers washed up I've also managed to sew...a LOT!
I'll start with the shirts for Baby D
Fire trucks and Dalmatians
"This place is a Zoo" Zoo Animals print
I also sewed up A Disney Princesses dress for M and a Minnie Mouse Dress for S
Disney Princesses
Minnie Mouse

I currently have 4 more T-Shirts cut out for Baby D - the pattern/size that I'm using gives him more then enough room to grow which is a good thing since my barely 10month old little boy is outgrowing 24month/2T sized clothing. I also have some material that I'm wanting to sew into shirts/dresses for M and S (not decided if I'm going to make them a shirt or a dress from the material). Plus there's some material to make dresses for the girls. Plus somewhere along the line I want to sew up some Mama Cloth too. So I definitely have my work cut out for me!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Been awhile...

Life has been hectic around here - my mouth is mostly straightened out now - I've suffered for years from a bad dentist as a child who didn't clean the teeth out after cavities that quite frankly I'm not even sure I had - I mean I was 16yrs old never had a cavity in my life and suddenly I have 27 of them? right, sure, whatever...well I was suffering tooth decay from those not properly cleaned out teeth - this also, sadly led to gum disease - but now my teeth are fixed as can be - I have to get a partial for the bottom but I'm pain free! the gum disease is under control and life's looking up there.
Grandpa's estate is being sorted out and the end is in sight there - my brother's starting to have a it over it all but eh I seen it coming from the day my Grandma died in 2006.
Me and my husband are planning a trip to visit family in the "south" we can't wait for that! It'll be nice to see the old friends in South Carolina again too.

I've gotten some Knit Interlock material for making some Tshirts for my son. Plus some other materials for making the girls some new dresses. I look forward to being able to sew that all up for the kids.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

More Diaper Testers!

This is 2 diapers of the exact same pattern - 1 is the "narrow crotch" version the other is the "wide crotch" version - I'm testing both for the pattern maker to test comparison fit on my 2 "chunk butts"
smallest setting of the "narrow crotch" version
smallest setting of the "wide crotch" version

and a comparison picture of the "narrow crotch" version on top of the "wide crotch" version - there's not THAT much of a difference but even a small bit of difference can make all the difference between a good fitting diaper and a perfect fitting diaper - good meaning it fits, it covers the insert...perfect meaning it fits, it covers the insert, AND it holds in the poo!

Saturday, June 23, 2012


KAMSnaps is giving away a 20$ gift certificate! cool huh? it's the snaps I use to make my diapers!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My 1st EVER Tshirt!

Testing the pattern for a's the results
the 1 sleeve sits wonky but I think that's jus me mixing up how the pattern goes together...I'll retry it after I sew up the tester diapers tomorrow and see what happens then!
but other then the sleeve - it doesn't look bad at all for a 1st time sewing of a tshirt if I do say so myself ^-~

Monday, June 18, 2012

Busy Mommy...

I've been working on testing some tester patterns for good friends so not been posting much...also been working on learning new boondoggling "stitches" - and Mom said she'll teach me to Tat! using my Grandma's shuttles! I jus need to make up a small back of sorts to hold my Tatting stuff so I can take it with me places if I want'd be nice to have a small bag to take ANY crafting item along I'm working on currently - I mean Boondoggling/Hemp stuff I can jus shove in a pocket as needed but what about Crocheting/Knitting/Macrame/ pockets can be big enough in some cases for those lol
now I NEED to finish this TShirt - pictures will follow I promise...along with the diaper I'm testing!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Unsure for a title...

Not sure what to title this post as it will contain a couple of different things lol

first up:
today was Grandpa's funeral - he had taken the time to 100% set it up for us - we had to say "this date - these flowers" and everything was done - it was so nice of Grandpa to do that - but then all his life he spent trying to making life easier on his's jus the kind of guy he was...
we got a Blooming Crab Tree for his funeral - which will be planted in our yard in memory of him
other friends sent other plants - not really flowers as my Grandpa was more for the plants then the flowers on them...he'd plant the flowers for Grandma but he prefered the plants...those plants will get planted in his memory, also. And for many year to come we can enjoy them.

M's dress - Mommy made for Grandpa's funeral
S' dress - Mommy made for Grandpa's funeral

everyone thought the dresses were the sweetest thing...most o the people that came were old friends of my Grandparents that I grew up knowing - and them seeing the work, and love put into each dress, they knew the time that went into them...yes the girls can wear them again...I made them for Grandpa's funeral so they'd have something pretty to wear but they can be worn for other things as needed/wanted though

last thing:
I took a small break for a little while we got things set up for Grandpa's funeral - now that that's over I need to work on a tester diaper then I'll get to working on my shop goodies and get that up and running (slowly - but I'll get there)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Apple Blossom Artistry

I'm working on opening my very own Etsy shop! Right now it's jus a name...I need to make up some items to set up in it to make it 100% set up!
I do have a Facebook page linked to the shop: nothing up there yet either...I'm still setting everything up yet.
I plan to have a wide variety of items for sale in my shop...of course since everything will be handcrafted by me, no 2 items will look exactly alike! Which jus adds to the fun in it!
If there's something in particular you'd like to see jus let me know and I'll see what I can do to make it up!
Grandpa's funeral is on due to everything that that includes - the shop has been put on hold at this time...I'm still working on things to put up slowly - jus not as fast as I had originally planned.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Remembering Grandpa...

My Grandpa passed away at 11:58AM this morning (June 7, 2012).
My Grandpa played a HUGE part in my childhood. I will miss him greatly.
When I was 3 my Grandpa surprised me with a bedroom set for my birthday.
When I was 4 he let me "drive" the brand, new Silverado down the driveway.
When I was 7 he knocked down an old shed to make room for the trailer house so we could live feet from Grandma and Grandpa after my Daddy left.
When I was 8 he purchased, and set up (with mine and my brother's help) a swing set for me and my brother.
When I was 9 he built us a teepee out of old swing set poles and an old canvas.
When I was 10 he made us "rubber band guns" and we had WW3-3000+.
He'd drive me out for the bus every single morning all of my school days, there'd be an unwrapped Tootsie Pop waiting on me and we'd spend that "special time" talking about family and history - I learned a LOT during that time.
When I was 12 we planted our 1st apple tree together...many, many more soon followed. We planted 2 gardens (1/2acre each) together...he took that time to teach me about fruit trees and garden vegetables.
We'd pick the Rhubarb together for Grandma.
He'd take his John Deere tractor/lawn mower and hook the coaster wagons to it and we'd wear groves in the grass going around the "train track" - we'd drive past the Sparta Cherry and Yellow Egg plum trees and grab a hand full and eat them right off the tree.
Me and Grandpa spent many, many hours cutting the grass together once I was 15. I'd use the John Deere, him on the Snapper...everytime we'd pass by the plum trees we'd grab some and snack on them as we went.
 Edmund Henry Wendinger
 January 22, 1930-June 7, 2012
Husband, Father, Grandpa, Great-Grandpa. 
He always said:
 "When I'm gone remember me as you see the Apple Blossoms in the Spring." 
So Grandpa, this picture is for you.
Tell Grandma about the Grandbabies; enjoy planting Heaven's gardens with vegetables and Sunflowers; plant the fruit trees to your hearts content.
We'll miss you but know you'll be here watching over us with Grandma.

"Holes in the Floor of Heaven"

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Choice is Made!

We've decided 100% that we are going to homeschool the kids! when M his 7 is when we need to make sure to get the testing need done and such...until then it's up to us how we want to teach them.

for M:
I've picked up some fridge magnets in letters and numbers in 4-5 different colors - these will be used to teach her the alphabet, counting, and colors.
She'll be helping me more with baking/cooking and counting the stuff out with me (ex 4 cups of Flour) to learn counting also.

for S:
we'll be working some with her at the same time as M jus focusing more on M right now since she's the oldest.

by the time M hits 7yrs old we'll have books and such picked out as well as be "joined" with the school district as that's who will need to do the testing as Minnesota state laws we'll be taking the next 2 1/2 or so years to figure out which book/books we want to use for what

M will also at 6-7 be starting up piano lessons with a good friend of mine! she loves music and even if she doesn't pursue it 100% when she's older we feel it'll be a good base for music in the future.

Liquid Soap Update!

closer to 2 wks ago now I made some liquid soap to test to see how it would work...I promised an update in a week - life got to me sorry I've been busy haven't even done much updating of this blog in the past couple wks due to being busy...

the test is great! I've not had to mix it up EVER! it's a little too liquid-y for my preference though so next time I won't be adding the extra water at the end since I loved it jus the way it was before I added the water...I jus added the water in to test it, to see how it'll work.

so now I have a way to make homemade liquid soap and I can also use it to make liquid shampoo since my husband doesn't want to "rub a bar of soap" on his head! I'm waiting on the supplies I ordered to get here to make the shampoo bars - then I need to wait on them to cure...then I'll turn a bar into liquid for DH.

YAY! Snap Pliers!

Jus got my new snap pliers from KAMSnaps! I finished up the 2 diapers I had made for the girls but couldn't apply snaps due to me having worn out my old snap pliers
XL DDU made up for night time diapers for the girls

I also repressed the snaps on Baby D's Ooga Booga diaper - they didn't get pushed down 100% due to a worn out snap pliers lol

I must say the new snap pliers works MUCH easier then the old 1 did! I had to order a new 1 cuz the old 1 I had is discontinued meaning I can no longer get the dies for it...soo glad I got a new pliers though!

now I can work on making some side-snapping diapers for the kids as Daddy prefers those over the front-snapping he says they're easier to use...

Sunday, June 3, 2012


It's quite funny to read the Dumb Laws for different states some of my faves:

don't drive a RED car down Lake Street in Minneapolis.
all bathtubs must have feet - mine does - when in USE!
don't cross the Minnesota/Wisconsin border INTO Minnesota with a Chicken on your head - that's how everyone enters Minnesota...
don't cross the Minnesota/Wisconsin border INTO Wisconsin with a Duck on your head - and this is how people usually enter Wisconsin

in Cottage Grove, Minnesota: don't put a hamburger in your back pocket on Sundays - other days it's alright?!
don't put an ice cream cone in your back pocket - people have done this?!
don't tie your ELEPHANT to a lamp post - like everyone has a pet Elephant...

don't CATCH a fish while drunk - you can go fishing jus don't you dare catch a fish if you're drunk
don't go fishing whales on Sunday - there's whales in Ohio?

Cleveland, Ohio: don't catch mice without a hunting license!
Youngstown, Ohio: don't run out of gas

women aren't allowed to fix their hair without a license - guess ladies need their husbands to brush their hair for them...

Don't shower naked - thought that's how you're suppose to shower?! best way to do laundry! lol
Don't sing in your bathing suit

those are the dumb laws that I remember off the top of my head as they're the best to me.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lace, Frill, and Dresses!

Here's the dresses I've sewn up over the past couple of days:
1st up: S' dress - it has ties for the shoulder part and lace across the bottom - she LOVES this dress!
2nd: a "night night dress" for M (her words) I made this of light-weight Cotton Flannel to be used as pajamas

I'm working on more - I didn't use a pattern for these dresses I simply made them up as I went - I used dresses that I LOVED wearing when I was younger and re-created them for my girls to enjoy. I'm enjoying sewing them up and being able to create my own designs as I go...who knows maybe someday I'll make up some patterns of my own.

Been Awhile...

The past couple days I've been busy finishing planting the garden. Cleaning up the house. Sewing random dresses for the girls. haven't had much time to make a post.
The dresses I'll show later on.
Today Grandpa came to visit! The visit was cut short by his ending up not feeling too good. But it was still nice to see him. We checked out the garden and he said it's looking nice and he's proud of how I've taken such care to plant the vegetables so they'd grow nicely. He gave me some Strawberry plants! now to figure out where to plant we once tried to raise Strawberries on the farm - they were killed by an unexpected early frost. So now I'm hoping to be able to care for these 3 plants and get them to grow and produce Strawberries for my fruit-addicted little girls.
Cleaning of the house: I have the playroom left to get done then the whole house will be nicely cleaned! I don't do a complete clean too often as I try to not fret the small stuff and enjoy my kids being kids instead. But ever once in awhile you jus need to clean up the house and make everything nice and fresh smelling - that's what I've been doing.
Once I get the playroom done I'll be working on sorting out the rest of the material that Grandma had stored up (20 boxes total - I have 5 or so left to unpack)
I've also been debating what I want to get for making soaps. I'm wanting to make some Shampoo bars and some Shaving soap - so need to figure out what to get for those things. Plus I want to get some more material special for diapers (seems funny to say that when I was jus talking about how much material Grandma had lol but her is mostly knit prints and such for clothing - not diapers)
I promise to not let it be so long until the next post again - life has jus been busy the past wk or so.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Yesterday I spent the majority of the day going through Grandma's patterns...found many duplicates. The reason I was going through the patterns was to find patterns to make clothes for the girls. My Grandma didn't have many patterns for boys since she sewed clothes for my Mom, who was an only child.
But I found MANY patterns for the girls that I'm wanting to attempt to sew up. Still new to sewing more then diapers, so we'll see how it goes. Back when I started sewing diapers I wasn't that good either - so it can't be much worse sewing clothes, right?
Tonight I took some light weight flannel and sewed up a "night dress" for M to wear for bed - she loved it. After a nice, cleansing bath using Mommy's home-made soap; I put on a diaper - insert and all made by Mommy; then I put on a Katrina's Shorties, also made by Mommy - and I put the "Night dress" on her - she said "aww! Mommy make me comfies, I good for sleepy-time now" <3 It's so rewarding to make things and hear it be appreciated by the person you've made it for.
Now I need to sew up some more, and see about figuring out how to sew something for Baby D, so he too can be 100% clothed in Mommy-made clothes. <3

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pink and Flowers

I was FOM'd a pattern on a forum I go to - took me a bit but I got 1 sewn up (it was Purple, with Pink flowers - M's currently wearing it)
here's the 2nd 1 I sewed up from the pattern
this 1s for S
I can't wait to see her in it! <3

Bored Kids?

Here's a trick: CORN MEAL! My girls call it sand...
a little corn meal (I usually give them 2cups or so worth each), some measuring spoons, and some measuring cups - keeps my girls busy for hours - jus be warned - it can get messy so keep the vacuum nearby!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Buttermilk Soap!

Made up some Buttermilk Soap last night and removed them from the molds today...
All the soaps
Round Soap
Interesting color idea how it happened either lol
Hippo? I think lol
Sea Horse, Star Fish, Sea Shells

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Liquid Soap Test

My 100% Olive Oil (Castile) Peppermint Soaps are now done curing (they can cure longer and jus get better...but they can also now be used!)
my DH is refusing to use bar soap cuz "it jus doesn't make me clean enough" he since then I've been on the search to find a relatively easy way to make up some homemade liquid soap to get the commercial chemicals out of this house (seriously...have you actually tried to pronounce some of the ingredients in commercial soap? who even knows what half of it's for)
the test is this: I took 1 of the Peppermint Castile Soaps and grated it up using a cheese grater (that has become 1 of my many "soaping" tools), I added water to JUS cover the shavings...and left it's now all "melted" and ready to go - the feel of it is perfect as is but for this test I'm going to add in some water to the already gelled-soap jus to see...the results from this test will answer a question: will I need to MIX the soap/water EVERY TIME I want to use it? if no my test will be a success - if yes then I go back to searching! I'm NOT giving up til I have a WORKING liquid soap that I don't need to mix up every time I want to use the soap. I'll be posting my results in about a wk.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Playhouse is Completed!

The helper...he held the top part of the frame up til it was secured
The Frame
With the "wall/roof panels" made of old sheets - only the back panel is tacked down 100%
The inspector - she said "thank you house Mommy" meaning - it's a success!

it's not perfect but who cares? I created it for my girls to play with and they love it! which is what my goal was therefore I say it's a complete success! completed it's 59"x29"x35"

Surprise for the Girls

Today I was searching the web in boredom and found a "playhouse" using a hula hoop to make - it got me to thinking...the hula hoop wouldn't make a big enough house for my little girls who enjoy playing together and sharing (most of the time) so I started working in my head a plan...
I came up with building a wooden frame in place of the hula hoop...then I thought I'm jus going to build the whole frame out of wood and make panels for the walls...
many hours later (this was an all day project) and a blister (skill saw's not working...I used a hand saw to saw through 2x4s and 2x8s...) later I got the frame to the point I bring it in from the porch, put it together, and (hopefully) staple the wall/roof panels on! If there's no staples to the staple gun I'll use small nails so it will still get finished probably tomorrow (originally thought I'd be done by the end of the wk)
I made the wall and roof panels out of old sheets...the frame it out of 2x4s and 2x8s

I can't wait to see the girls' reaction to their "house" tomorrow! I'll post some pictures of the finished house have no worries!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Washer's Working!

YAY! Sooo glad we don't need to replaced it!
the motor got hot from too much usage in 1 day LOL - guess DH's wish of only diapers washed daily everything else on Saturday has jus come to an

Goat's Milk Soap!

Yesterday I made up some Goat's Milk soap while cleaning lol

All the Goat's Milk Soap! The Rose shaped 1s I made up for my Mom ^-^
Picture of 1 of the Rose soaps! I tried to dye it red but it didn't take...still looks pretty though!
1 of the Goat's Milk Soap bars hehe
all the soap (so far) curing!
and the Peppermint Olive Oil Soap is turning white and reddish! it still has curing to do...

Next planned soap: Buttermilk! hehe

Using a Safety Pin as a "Loop Turning Tool"

This is a little trick my Grandma taught me I was sewing up a dress pattern that calls for a Loop Turning Tool and I dug out my Safety Pin I decided to share via this tutorial of how to use a Safety Pin as a Loop Turning Tool jus as my Grandma taught me once...

You take the Safety Pin and put it through so that it comes out the top
Then you take the Safety Pin and flip it around so that the end that opens and closes is inside the hole
Then you push down on the material until you see the Safety Pin on the opposite end
Then you pull the Safety Pin through until the material's all pulled through

it takes little bit of patience at first, and a little bit of muscle with some materials - but it can be done!
Hope someone finds this useful! Have fun sewing!

If you'd like to see a video of the process and hear me telling you the steps check out the video I made about it: Safety Pin "Loop Tool"